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Established as a UK registered charity in 2007, Skin Care Cymru is run by a group of people who are passionate about improving the care for people living with skin conditions.

Our executive committee is comprised of patients with skin conditions, relatives of patients, healthcare professionals, and academic researchers, all of whom voluntarily give their time to the charity and work together as a team to raise awareness of important issues in dermatology.

We raise funds by hosting a range of fundraising activities, attract corporate sponsorship, and receive donations in order to support the needs of people in Wales with skin conditions.

Recent fundraising activities have secured funds to establish a unique bursary and small grant award. With these funds, we are proud to have been able to purchase much needed equipment for the dermatology departments in two Welsh local Health Boards.

We work in partnership with other patient organisations, dermatology professionals, medical schools and others, with the aim of advancing the interests of people living with skin conditions and to promote the provision of the best possible treatment and outcomes for them.

Skin Care Cymru is represented on many committees, panels, steering groups, and forums in Wales and the UK and has attended Parliamentary and Welsh Assembly events to promote the cause of dermatology patients.

Several members of our committee can be seen in the photo above, we have from left to right – Rob Vine, Mayda Thomas, Deb Vine, Paul Thomas, Sarah Wright and Avad Mughal – pictured at the Senedd, Cardiff.


  1. Lois Poynting

    As a long time adult sufferer of eczema who feels very isolated and misunderstood, I am pleased to hear that Skin Care Cymru is raising the issues and concerns with the key agencies (and others) in Wales and the UK.

    The impact of chronic skin disease on individuals and their families is seriously underestimated.
    Thank you.
    Lois Poynting

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