Mission Statement

Through our activities we work to improve the lives of people in Wales who are affected by skin related conditions

The objectives of Skin Care Cymru are as follows:

  • To represent the interests of all dermatology and plastic surgery patients in Wales
  • To be open and approachable for any individuals to discuss issues concerning dermatology in Wales
  • To work with clinicians, patients, and others within the NHS in Wales to identify gaps, shortcomings or deficits in the provision of medical treatment of all skin related conditions, and work with relevant parties to remedy these issues
  • To provide a strong and effective voice for people living with skin related conditions in Wales and campaign on their behalf
  • To cooperate with other groups and organisations across the UK to gather information about best practice and innovation in the field of skin care, and seek to ensure the same are implemented consistently and effectively across Wales
  • To the above ends, we will collate and analyse (non-personal) data from primary and secondary care within Wales
  • To raise funds for medical research, equipment, education and the promulgation of dermatology knowledge across and on behalf of Wales

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