Research Opportunities and Clinical Trials

Taking part in psychological and medical research is key to progressing dermatological care across Wales

If you, or someone close to you, is affected by any skin condition and would like to be involved in ongoing research, have a look at some of the projects highlighted below:

Click here for General Clinical Trials

Condition-specific research opportunities:

The British Journal of Dermatology: Patient Perspective Articles

Would you like to publish an article for the British Journal of Dermatology Perspectives section? 

The British Journal of Dermatology are looking for perspectives from dermatology patients (can be co-authored with a clinician), carers, and patient societies, addressing any subject relating to dermatology, such as a new point of view, based on evidence or experience

Along with written papers, submissions can be; images (e.g., artwork, cartoons,  infographics, photographs, illustrations, diagrams), poems, videos, stories, essays, or mixed media. The British Journal of Dermatology welcomes submissions on all topics relevant to dermatology and encourage diversity and inclusivity

For more information, please contact the editorial office, who will guide you through the process:

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