Taking part in psychological and medical research into skin conditions is key to progressing dermatological care across Wales. Partaking in research opportunities or clinical trials is important in involving patients, and providing a chance to get involved with frontline research.

If you, or someone close to you, is affected by any skin condition and would like to be involved in relevant research, look out for the work and initiatives highlighted below, relating to a range of skin conditions:  


Please see the following links to take part in ongoing research:


  • Does your child have a skin condition?

Would you and your child like to be interviewed about your experiences of support for psychosocial issues connected with childhood skin conditions?

Who is eligible?

Children aged between 8-11 years of age, diagnosed with a skin condition, and no other chronic health conditions.

Their adult parent(s)/primary caregiver(s) (18 years of age)

Two parents/carers are welcome to participate, although this is entirely flexible and up to the carers to decide which parent/carer (or two) takes part.

What will the study involve?

The study will involve the child and their primary carer(s) participating in a recorded online interview held over Zoom, lasting approximately 1 hour.

Participants will be asked about any support options they have been offered or undergone, what they would like to see change in relation to current psychological support, and what they might find helpful from future interventions.

You and your child will be given an electronic £10 ‘Love2Shop’ voucher as a token of gratitude for your participation.

This study has been granted ethical approval by Cardiff University School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee. 

If you would like more information about the study, or are interested in participating, please email Olivia Hughes hughesoa@cardiff.ac.uk.


  • Online Survey

A person’s skin conditions can affect the lives of partners and family members, but this important impact is often ignored. Researchers at Cardiff University have created a simple questionnaire to measure this impact.

They need your help to test this questionnaire before it can be used routinely to better understand and care for the health and social needs of partners and families.

The researchers invite people affected by skin conditions and their partners or other family members (aged at least 18 years) to complete this 5-minute survey:  https://cardiff.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/measuring-the-family-impact-of-disease-


Condition-specific research opportunities:

General Clinical Trials:

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