Yesterday the Dermatology department in Singleton Hospital Swansea agreed to be the FIRST DEPARTMENT IN WALES  to link their patients with Patients Know Best.  This allows patients access to all their records – they are then in control of them and allows clinicians to share information quickly and efficiently. This has been set up in a number of hospitals in England but this is the first in Wales.

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One Thought to “Patients Know Best – Exciting News”

  1. Thanks for these thoughts. I’m in a hotel room in England, wtiniag for a wedding tomorrow and it’s probably more nerve-wracking for me than the bride or groom! I am a Christian + have had SA for 15yrs and with God’s help am working with it + getting through it. Just some days (like tomorrow) are a bit scary. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll think if that when I’m talking to strangers tomorrow. God bless.

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